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Wave Wide Lora is a bag made of plastic redeemed from the oceans and seas of our planet.


Made in Italy, 100% ecological and eco-sustainable, it was made with the SEAQUAL®️ yarn and testifies our tangible commitment to the protection and respect of the environment.


Certified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)), as evidence of the eco-sustainability of the materials and technologies with which it is produced, it contains 83% of post-consumer recycled materials.


Environmental protection

We collaborate with SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a community of individuals, NGOs and institutions that transforms plastic collected from the seas into high quality fabrics, to support oceans’ clean-up and to raise awareness of the seas’ pollution problem.

Pelfim was the first company in the world to obtain the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) in the handbags industry. In collaboration with the certifying body, we created a procedure that allows to calculate the environmental impact that a fabric bag has; from the moment of purchase of raw materials to the final disposal of the finished product.



Pouch bag is a bag made with cotton grown and woven according to traditional techniques by a network of producers from Burkina Faso. No fertilizer or pesticide, no irrigation system used: Faso Dan Fani cotton is hand-woven, respecting people and the environment. The finishings of the bag are made of Biogreen (elastomers based on bio-polyols), a high quality fabric generated from renewable natural sources.


Social development

The Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) was founded in 2009 and is a program of the International Trade Center (a joint agency of the United Nations, the World Organization of Commerce and the European Union) which operates with the aim of supporting women and men of communities in Africa and Central Asia. Pelletteria Fiorentina Montecristo is a partner of EFI and actively collaborates to reduce poverty, promote democracy, human rights and Sustainable Development.

Artisan Fashion is the first social enterprise born in sub-Saharan Africa and is the operating body of EFI. It coordinates and manages a structured network of artisans from the South of the World that process raw materials used by luxury fashion companies, in compliance with standards disciplined by an ethical fashion system that abolishes human and environmental abuse.

SGS is the international certification body that validates the measurement of Product Environmental Footprint.
It is the ideal partner to offer an ecologically sustainable product, beautiful to wear and environmentally friendly.

Cartiera is an ethical fashion lab born in 2017. Its mission is to create new employment opportunities for migrants and asylum seekers. Pelfim shares with Cartiera the commitment to build sustainable production processes both from an ethical and social point of view.

CO.RR.I is a laboratory that was set up with the aim of lowering the risk of recidivism of prisoners. Pelfim shares with CO.RR.I. the will to operate toward professional and social inclusion by creating new jobs and projects that contribute to the country’s economic growth by way of virtuous and supportive types of business.



Working in an ethical and sustainable way for Pelletteria Fiorentina Montecristo means investing in a transparent production chain with the aim of respecting human rights, while managing the social and environmental impact of the company so to preserve the ecosystem.


Work ethics

Intertek has certified that Pelfim products are safe, reliable, and sustainable, confirming that our daily work complies with all standards, both internally set by the company, and those set by the reference market.

QIMA certification allows Pelfim to periodically check the quality of its production and supply chain as further guarantee of compliance with the environmental regulations and labour rights.

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